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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What are the entry requirements, regarding COVID19?

Where is the country located?

What is health care like in Costa Rica?

Real Estate and property insurance in Costa Rica

How can I get health insurance in Costa Rica?

Can I start a business in Costa Rica?


What about the currency?

What language is spoken in Costa Rica?

What are the most common types of residences in Costa Rica?


Can I find an eastern standards hospital in Costa Rica?

How do I buy my comprehensive house insurance?

How do I get health insurance in Costa Rica?

Entering Costa Rica

How is the weather in Costa Rica?

Do I need to have national residency in Costa Rica to purchase automobile insurance?

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La Ecovilla welcomes 43 families from 29 different countries. They built their home on this former cattle farmland, first transformed into an edible forest then organized with roads and general services by 2012.


The new challenge is here! Transforming another cattle farmland and zoo into an intentional community reconnected with nature and wildlife. A land 10 times bigger than the original La Ecovilla!


The newest addition to the Ecovilla family! In the beautiful Cabo Blanco National Reserve and close to amazing sea, beach and surf spots.

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