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Exploring Ecovilla: A Sustainable Oasis in Costa Rica

Welcome to the heart of Costa Rica, where the visionaries Canel, Sebastian Lombardo, and developer Marcelo Valansi have joined forces to create something truly extraordinary — Ecovilla. This sustainable community is not just a residence; it's a lifestyle nurtured by a commitment to ecological harmony and a desire to build a community that reflects those values.

The Project Featured in "l'Agence"

In the world of property exploration, Martin Kretz stands out as the charismatic presenter of the Netflix show "L'Agence." Martin, along with Canel and Sebastian, embarked on a quest to find a hidden gem that goes beyond the ordinary. What started as a televised journey evolved into a profound mission to establish an eco-friendly haven in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica.

Canel, Sebastian Lombardo, and Marcelo Valansi: The Faces Behind Ecovilla

Canel and Sebastian Lombardo are more than just investors in this venture; they are the passionate minds shaping Ecovilla's story. Complementing their commitment is Marcelo Valansi, the developer with a vision for sustainable living. Together, they bring to life an eco-village that goes beyond bricks and mortar, focusing on community, regeneration, and integral health.

Ecovilla's Unique Locations: Cabo Blanco and Santa Mateo

The project spans across two stunning locations — Cabo Blanco and San Mateo — each chosen for its natural beauty and potential for sustainable living. These locations are not just geographical points; they represent the canvas upon which Ecovilla's commitment to environmental preservation and community building is painted.

In the coming sections, we'll delve into the intricate details of Ecovilla, exploring its commitment to integral health, regeneration, and the various projects that make it a unique and thriving community.

Stay tuned for an immersive journey into Ecovilla's world, where sustainable living meets the vibrant spirit of community.

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