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What it means to learn at Ecovilla

This month, we're diving into pillar #2 of Ecovilla -- Learn. This is a lifelong pursuit for all who live here. If you are curious about Ecovilla and want to learn more about our communities in Costa Rica and beyond, sign up for an informative webinar where you can learn all about our newest community, Ecovilla San Mateo!



The school is really the heart of the village. It's where we nurture our young ones and grow our families together. We also believe in lifelong learning, and want to encourage all who live at Ecovilla to be their best, vibrant selves.

The Real World School

The site of Ecovilla San Mateo started off as the location of our school, formerly Casa Sula, and now Real World School.

Our Ecovilla School has been undergoing many positive innovations and upgrades, with a new pedagogy, talented staff, and renovated facilities (our new road sign went up!). Parents can even cowork onsite.

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The Minipreneurs Market

We believe that our children are little seeds that need the right environment to flourish! We also want to nurture their creative and entrepreneurial spirits.

That's why, in coordination with Real World School, the kids launched a Minipreneurs Market at our monthly Ecoferias.

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Forest Walks

We have an incredible local biologist, Gustavo Rojas, who lives in La Ecovilla Original and gives frequent walks along the river, explaining the plants and the natural ecosystem. We made a video about his philosophy of what we can learn from nature.

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This is where Ecovillans of all ages learn! We practice a gift culture, so everyone shares their talents with the community. If you want to join this vibrant social life and learn new things, consider becoming a short-term neighbor at La Ecovilla Original so you can test out what life at Ecovilla San Mateo will be like.

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