Life at Ecovilla.

Martin Kretz Explores Ecovilla: From 'L'Agence' to Costa Rican Paradise

In the dynamic realm of property exploration, Martin Kretz, the charismatic presenter of the Netflix show "L'Agence," embarks on a journey alongside Canel and Sebastian Lombardo. This trio, driven by the pursuit of extraordinary properties worldwide, discovered something unparalleled in the verdant landscapes of Costa Rica.

Their quest, while initially focused on finding the most beautiful properties, evolved into something far more profound. Despite encountering breathtaking landscapes and luxurious estates, the Canel and Sebastian realized that their true passion lay in creating an ecovillage—a haven that not only showcased the natural beauty of Costa Rica but also aimed at regenerating and nurturing a land impacted by various factors.

Ecovilla Cabo Blanco was conceived as a testament to their commitment to sustainable living, where residents could thrive in harmony with nature. The decision to establish an ecovillage was rooted in the belief that it wasn't just about owning beautiful properties; it was about fostering a community that lived and breathed the principles of regeneration and ecological coexistence.

The founders recognized that in the midst of their search for the most exquisite properties in Costa Rica, the idea of creating an ecovillage stood out as the ultimate expression of their vision. It wasn't merely a collection of luxurious residences; it was a holistic approach to community living, emphasizing the interconnectedness of people and the environment.

In the wake of their realization, Canel and Sebastian dedicated themselves to the meticulous planning and development of Ecovilla. The ecovillage was envisioned as a place where inhabitants could not only appreciate the exceptional beauty of Costa Rica but actively contribute to its regeneration.

Today, as construction officially commences, Ecovilla Cabo Blanco stands as a testament to the transformative power of a vision that goes beyond the allure of individual properties. It is a testament to the commitment of Canel, and Sebastian Lombardo to create a sustainable haven where community, regeneration, and the beauty of Costa Rica converge.

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