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Supporting Local Communities : Casa Sonja

In the heart of Costa Rica, beyond the lush landscapes of Ecovilla, lies a philanthropic initiative that speaks volumes about the compassion of its founders - Canel Frichet, Sebastian Lombardo, and Marcelo Valansi. Their commitment goes beyond sustainable living; it extends to creating a haven for those who need it most through their NGO, Ecovillage for Children.

Exploring Philanthropy at Ecovillage for Children

Ecovillage for Children is more than an organization; it's a testament to the visionaries' dedication to making a positive impact. Dive into the ways Canel and Sebastian Lombardo's NGO is actively changing lives, focusing on children and women who are victims of violence in Costa Rica. From educational programs to providing shelter, the organization is a beacon of hope in the community.

Marcelo Valansi: Developer with a Heart

At the core of this philanthropic endeavor is Marcelo Valansi, the developer with a heart for social responsibility. Learn about Marcelo's commitment to creating a safe space, not only in the residential sense but also as a refuge for those in desperate need. His role in Ecovillage for Children underscores the project's holistic approach to community well-being.

Official Start of Construction

In an exciting milestone, we are pleased to announce that the construction of Ecovillage for Children has officially begun. This crucial step marks the commencement of the realization of the vision set forth by Canel, Sebastian Lombardo, and Marcelo Valansi. The construction is undertaken with the same dedication and care that have characterized the entire project.

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